Urlaub Ulten

Holidays in Val d'Ultimo at Hotel Seerast

Feel “at home”
You won’t have to do anything…
and you can do everything…

most of all, you can enjoy a few days’ holiday without restraints!

The area around our Hotel Seerast is a popular destination since it offers several opportunities to enjoy an active as well as relaxing holiday in Val d’Ultimo.

A pleasant walk around Lake Zoccolo, an adventurous hike in the mountains along the well-marked tracks of the tourist area of Merano and its environs, a refreshing cappuccino and a slice of apple strudel on our sunny terrace

Enjoy wonderful days with us, in the tourist area of Merano and its environs, benefit from the fresh air of Val d’Ultimo and let us pamper you in our caring Hotel Seerast in Val d’Ultimo.

Bar Bar Terrace
Foto: Marketing South Tyrol/Thomas Grüner